mtanddeadendseries, 1mtanddeadendseries, 2mtanddeadendseries, 3

Kensaku Shinohara's MT and Yoshiko Chuma's Dead End Series

A politically charged split-bill brings the concerns of Japenese choreographers to life on stage

review   *   Cameron McKinney   *   December 11 2016


fearinporcelain, 1fearinporcelain, 2fearinporcelain, 3

Sam Kim's Fear in Porcelain

Sam Kim's "solo dancer" is challenged from the dark fringe of the spotlight

review   *   Janet Oh   *   December 1 2016


monchichi, 1monchichi, 2monchichi, 3

Company Wang Ramirez's Monchichi

Wang Ramierez's hip-hop portrays the embodied listening required to meet someone else halfway

review   *   Cameron McKinney   *   October 31 2016


vortextemporum, 1vortextemporum, 2vortextemporum, 3

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's Vortex Temporum

By confusing the distinctions between the arts, De Keersmaeker gives us time that we can feel and motion that we can hear

review   *   Angela Brown   *   October 24 2016


eyeslooking, 1eyeslooking, 2eyeslooking, 3

Tim Etchells's Eyes Looking

For Etchells, the world's most prime advertising real estate is just more surface runoff

review   *   Mars Dietz   *   October 21 2016


staged, 1staged, 2staged, 3

Maria Hassabi's STAGED

In framing slowness for the stage, Hassabi invites viewers to stop walking past her

review   *   Lydia Mokdessi   *   October 19 2016


intow, 1intow, 2intow, 3

Jennifer Monson/iLAND's in tow

Monson and iLAND experiment with the horizon line just out of body's reach

review   *   Angela Brown   *   October 10 2016


aboutkazuoohno, 1aboutkazuoohno, 2aboutkazuoohno, 3

Takao Kawaguchi's About Kazuo Ohno

In trying on three seminal works by Kazuo Ohno, Kawaguchi attempts to reproduce butoh

review   *   Cameron McKinney   *   October 6 2016


monumental, 1monumental, 2monumental, 3

The Holy Body Tattoo's monumental

In maximalist corporate culture, business becomes disease

review   *   Devon Caranicas   *   September 29 2016


weedheart, 1weedheart, 2weedheart, 3

Jill Sigman's Weed Heart

Jill Sigman cultivates memory at the Gibney Dance Center

review   *   Mars Dietz   *   September 26 2016


portraitofmyselfasmy, 1portraitofmyselfasmy, 2portraitofmyselfasmy, 3

Nora Chipaumire's portrait of myself as my father

Boxing with the shadows, Chipaumire keeps one hat in the ring

review   *   Janet Oh   *   September 21 2016


currentsessionsrisk, 1currentsessionsrisk, 2currentsessionsrisk, 3

Movement Currency at the CURRENT SESSIONS

A platform for emerging dance artists produces an evening of risk and intimacy

review   *   Cameron McKinney   *   August 31 2016


blackgirllinguisticplay, 1blackgirllinguisticplay, 2blackgirllinguisticplay, 3

Camille A. Brown's Black Girl: Linguistic Play

With play, Camille A. Brown shows how many memories bodies can hold

review   *   Grace Poetzinger   *   July 31 2016


iwantyoutowantme, 1iwantyoutowantme, 2iwantyoutowantme, 3

Jack Ferver's I Want You To Want Me

Jack Ferver hangs out upstage and drinks the blood of his dancers

review   *   Grace Poetzinger   *   July 12 2016


theconceptofdust, 1theconceptofdust, 2theconceptofdust, 3

Yvonne Rainer's The Concept of Dust, Altered Annually

In the face of death, Yvonne continues to peform

review   *   Grace Poetzinger   *   June 14 2016